Frequently Asked Questions
    Usage and Care Q: How do I clean my thirst bottle? Can they go in the dishwasher? We highly recommend hand washing with water, a small drop of dishwashing detergent, and a bottle brush. You can wash your vessel in the dishwasher, but in the top rack only as the heating elements used to heat the water and air dry the dishes are usually located beneath the bottom rack, which may cause nearby plastics to melt. Q: Is it safe to put my thirst bottle in the microwave? No. thirst bottles materials are not microwaveable, and therefore should never be placed within a microwave. Q: Can I put my thirst bottle in the freezer? We do not recommend it as this may cause the bottle to crack. Q: Can I put hot liquids in my thirst bottle? We do not recommend it because the sides of the bottle may get very hot to the touch. Even though you thirst bottle is able to withstand hot water temperatures, please take extra care when pouring. Please do not submerge your thirst bottle in boiling pots to zap away germs — refer to our safe cleaning instruction. Q: Can I put alcoholic beverages in my thirst bottle? We don't recommend it since thirst bottles weren't designed to hold alcoholic beverages and have not been tested for use with them. Q: Are thirst bottles unbreakable? No. While made with durable materials and high quality manufacturing techniques, thirst bottles are not intended for extreme physical conditions such as hiking or camping. When cared for properly, any thirst bottle will provide years of pleasurable and practical use. Q: Will my thirst bottle leak if I leave it in my bag or I lay it on my car seat? thirst bottles are designed to be completely leak-proof under normal conditions and with proper use. As long as the vessel has been properly closed, it should not leak in your bag. Turn the bottle upside down after filling to check that its properly closed, before putting into your bag.   Ordering Q: How do I place an order? It's quick and easy with our one-page checkout. Just browse the products in the shop and click the "Add to Cart" button after placing your choices for color, size, quantity, etc. When you're ready to order, click "Checkout" on the top right of the page. You may then review your items, input your details, and submit your purchase. Q: How do I set up a thirst bottles online account? An account is helpful to track your past and present orders or update any of your saved information for faster shopping in the future. To set one up, you'll either be prompted to start one upon checkout or simply go to the Account page. Q: Can I change or cancel an order once I've placed it? Absolutely. If your order hasn't shipped, we can easily change or cancel your order. Please email us at : If your order is already on its delivery route, you can cancel it, but you must pay for the shipping cost. The remainder of your balance will be credited back to your credit card. If you want to cancel your order and you have already received it, you must pay for the shipping cost to send it back to our warehouse. Once received, we will refund your total purchase minus shipping cost.